Posted on: December 27, 2008 8:28 pm

Hey Yankee Fan enjoy while you have it!~

Dear Yankee Fan,

I know you are all excited about your recent aqusitions. I also know you all thrive on be hated for all of the money the Yankee's have. Well,  enjoy it while you have it. Your team will be the end of Major League Baseball as we know it today. The next step will not be baseball expansion, but, the elimination of teams. baseball will implode! There will be only a handfull of teams that will be fighting for that almighty dollar. As our economy is going down the tubes, so will peoples use of their money. So the greatest game ever invented will be gone as it is going today. Maybe that is a good thing. Lets bring back the game in its purest form where money is not the important issue but the actual playing of the game. They (as well as politicians) should all work real jobs and then feel privileged to even play professioanlly. Pro sports is ruining this country and the New York Yankees epitimizes what is wrong with sports! Enjoy it while you have it Yankee Fan.

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